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About Me

Hello! My name’s Kellyn and I love creative writing, literature, sci-fi, folklore, feminism, photography, taking walks, and pets.  You will find these things along with much more on my blog.  I was born in Goshen, IN where I spent most of my life.  I obtained my undergraduate degree from Goshen College, majoring in English and minoring in writing and history.  Last summer my best friend asked me to move to Northern Idaho with her.  I’ve known her since the last day of our sixth grade school year.  We’re like sisters and I hadn’t lived anywhere besides Indiana.  How could I refuse the offer?  I picked up and left my family behind in Indiana with no prospect of getting a job close to my new home.  I did get a  job here in Idaho for a short time at a pet grooming salon.  I learned a ton about dog breeds and and which shampoo to use on which dog.  The job was much more detailed and technical than you might think.  However, let’s just say that the manager was less than nice to their employees and their animals.  I decided that I wasn’t going to put up with it any longer so I quit with no regrets.  Now I’m unemployed and have tons of time on my hands, which is great…the time I mean.  So while my friend has been running around doing things for grad school, I’ve been looking for a new job and doing the creative things that I’ve always dreamed about doing.

While getting my undergraduate degree, I published a book of short stories through the college press and have been in a number of creative writing workshops with published authors.  Since moving, I’ve managed to write the rough draft of my first novel and am working on another longer writing project that I hope to post here soon.  Someday I hope to go on with school and get my MA in publishing or cultural studies.

About This Blog

My blog has been going through some changes since I first started it up.  I guess I had a hard time figuring out exactly what I wanted to blog about.  Right now it consists of several things.  The first thing is rough drafts of fiction I’m in the process of writing.  Currently I’m posting a longer story tentatively called The Boys and Girls Listened.  You’ll find this piece of writing under the category “My Fiction.”  The category labeled “Author’s Notes” contains my personal reflections on my writing process and about things that have inspired my creativity.  I hope some of these posts will be helpful to others who are starting out as creative writers.  You’ll also find there other things from my life experiences that relate to literature and writing.  The “Shakespeare Challenge” category documents my experience reading the complete works of Shakespeare.  I’ve done research on each of the plays that I’ve read so far and give an analysis of what I think is most interesting about each play.  These posts also contain quotes from the plays and a summary of each play.  In addition, there are also other book reviews of things I’ve read.  There’s a category of just good quotes from literature.  Finally, I’m adding a new category about lit. in pop culture.  This category will probably be sillier than the other categories on the blog.  That’s where I’m really going to have fun and be a little less academic.

Thanks for reading!

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